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True to the ride

A cyclist holds a Roval wheel.

UX & UI Design, Web Design, E-Commerce Design, Development Coordination, and Copywriting

Roval, owned by Specialized Bikes, is known for their top-performing premium bicycle wheels. Roval wanted to better showcase their wheelsets—independent of their parent brand. We collaborated with Roval’s marketing team and Shopify experts Presidio Creative to rebuild their site from the ground up. The new site design and architecture has helped Roval meet and beat their business goals.

Increased sales, higher conversion


increase in total sales


increase in conversion rate


decrease in bounce rate

The final design for the homepage of Roval’s website featuring different types of riders and journal articles.

Riders across disciplines

Roval needed to show riders of all types that they understand their needs and speak their language. We created separate pages to serve as the home base for cross-country, trail, road, gravel and triathlon riders, using breathtaking photos to tell stories of each type of rider doing what they love.

The final design for web pages on Road, XC, and Triathlon wheelsets welcome riders from each discipline.

About turn

Within the category pages, large product cards provide quick statistics on the wheels and an example of a rider using them. This design elevates the traditional e-commerce approach by presenting products in a layout that emphasizes their high performance. On mobile, we displayed only those details necessary for decision making; the result was a 51% increase in Add to carts for mobile users.

The category card for an Alpinist wheelset provides details on what it’s for and why it’s great.
The final design for a Roval product page shows thorough specifications for the wheelset.
The final design for the product pages allows users to configure their wheelsets with specific characteristics.
The Road biking page for Roval’s site has a responsive design to adapt to mobile, tablet, and desktop devices.
The product page for a wheelset on a mobile device includes details necessary to make a purchase.
A collage of Roval’s Journal and product pages on mobile devices tell stories about people and products.
Three pages explain Roval’s process and promise and tell stories about the people who use Roval wheels.

The riders and makers of Roval wheels have fascinating stories to tell.  We pulled these stories together into the “Journal” section of the site. This gave Roval an opportunity to express a personality very different from its parent brand.

Roval’s Journal page directs to blog articles, and on another page a blog article tells the story of a rider.

More work

A collage showing Ozmi’s wordmark, final desktop designs for the web app, and a social media post on mobile.
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