Cooper Perkins

Find a way

Two Cooper Perkins engineers sit at a desk and work together to solve a challenging problem.

Identity Design, Brand Systems & Guidelines, Brand Platform & Positioning, User Research, Web Design, Development Coordination, and Copywriting

Cooper Perkins is a technology development firm able to solve the most challenging problems. We repositioned their brand with a more focused messaging strategy and visual identity that communicates the process behind their work. Then, we built their website around compelling stories that highlight core values and engineering feats.
Cooper Perkins’ logo features their wordmark with a bold line underscoring  their personality as a trusted pathfinder.

The best in engineering

Through our research, it became clear that Cooper Perkins’ audience is defined by their need to find solutions to complex engineering problems, and our goal was to position them as a pathfinder able to guide their partners through previously unsolvable challenges. Their new identity communicates their engineering prowess: if it can be done, they will find a way.

A slide deck outlining Cooper Perkins’ brand guidelines including colors, typography, usage,, and expression.
Three posters convey Cooper Perkins’ brand personality with phrases “seek the truth” and “persevere.”
Cooper Perkins’ branding is expressed in a book with the phrase, “Listen, think, then build” and an outline of their process.
The front and back of Cooper Perkins’ business cards, featuring the bold line and typewriter font.

Award-winning design

The website invites visitors to explore Copper Perkins’ unique value and stories of innovation. SevenDesign has been recognized for the way the refreshing design and interactive elements convey Cooper Perkins’ process and brand.

The final design for Cooper Perkins’ homepage introduces their process, projects, and engineers.
The final design for Cooper Perkins’ About page shows profiles of their engineers.
The final design for Cooper Perkins’ Work page highlights projects they have completed.
A case study explaining Cooper Perkins’ work on a smartplug engineering project.
A case study explaining Cooper Perkins’ work on a civic art installation engineering project.

“We needed to see a line-of-sight connection between what we felt about our company and how it was expressed in a new branding and communication system. SevenDesign's ability to listen, to process and to smartly and creatively execute was frankly breathtaking.”

Engineer & CEO, Cooper Perkins

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