Meal Hero

The smart new answer to “what’s for dinner?”

Designs for Meal Hero’s mobile app showing pages search for meals, and schedule meals.

Identity Design, Brand Systems & Guideline, Brand Platform & Positioning, Web Design, Development, Content Creation, and Copywriting

The Meal Hero app, backed by Kraft Heinz, uses AI to recommend meals and syncs with grocery delivery services to make it easy to cook dinner. After achieving product-market fit, the startup needed to communicate with home chefs, content creators, and retail partners. We reworked their visual identity to create a brand that resonates with all three, then built a website to help grow their user base.
Meal Hero’s logo features white text on a purple background, showing a playful yet modern brand different from other food apps.

Meal Hero’s logo is nurturing and playful, to appeal to families, as well as simple and modern, to appeal to retail and content partners. A fresh color palette sets it apart from other food apps in the market.

A slide deck outlining Meal Hero’s’ brand guidelines including colors, typography, illustrations, and digital usage.
Five designs for Meal Hero’s mobile app showing pages to sign up, search for meals, and schedule meals.
A group of 15 icons designed for Meal Hero’s website, featuring food items and digital tools.

Familiar and familial

We wanted to explain Meal Hero’s AI technology while keeping the site’s tone accessible for families. We created inviting illustrations and icons to ensure the site stayed within users' comfort zone. These illustrations showed realistic scenes of families making food to bring home Meal Hero’s value.

The final design for Meal Hero’s homepage explains the features of the app with illustrations of families eating dinner.
The responsive design for Meal Hero’s homepage shown across mobile, tablet, and desktop devices.
The How it Works page for Meal Hero’s website provides more details about how to use the app.
Meal Hero’s web design displayed on a mobile device featuring an illustration of a basket of grocery items.
Meal Hero’s web design displayed on a mobile device featuring an illustration of a web of food items.

“Hands down, no question about it, Seven Design is the best creative agency I’ve worked with. It was like working with an extension of my own team rather than an outside agency. They started the process by digging deep to understand our mission, company and most importantly our users. Then after rounds of iteration and feedback they produced a new brand which included a word mark, color scheme, fonts, and over 50 illustrations, as well as a full marketing website. As a designer myself, I had A LOT of feedback and they listened and delivered on it. I am so happy with the results and I know this new brand and marketing site will position Meal Hero for success well into the future.”

Mary Knight, Product Design Lead, Wellio

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