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How an athlete hydrates can make or break their effort, but hydration is often overlooked in discussions of athletic performance. As the fastest way to rehydrate, Osmo Nutrition is a premier sports hydration brand. We created a visual identity, website, and communications strategy for the hydration product and their athletic audience, which led to a long-term partnership.

A fast-growing brand


increase in site traffic


increase in revenue


increase in page views

Osmo’s drop logo hints at the hydration power of the product.

A leader in the industry

When Osmo Nutrition first approached us, they had just developed a drink with the lightness to be absorbed by the bloodstream at the optimal rate. We named the product for this lightness: Osmo is short for osmolality, the measure of density for a liquid.

Backed by years of scientific research as one of the fastest ways for athletes to rehydrate, Osmo’s brand didn’t need to be ostentatious. We determined Osmo’s core values: a bold confidence underscored by kindness and adventurousness.

Osmo’s full logo shows the name of the brand with the drop element contained within the final o.
Osmo’s drop logo depicted 12 times with 12 different bold color schemes.

We have a continuing partnership with Osmo, working on their social media and digital marketing strategy as well as assisting with other advertising needs.

We wanted Osmo’s packaging to reflect the athletes who used it. So, we redesigned the mostly-black packaging to include bold colors and geometric shapes paired with a clean, modern aesthetic to align with users’ energetic lifestyles and love for the outdoors.

Four tubs of four flavors of Osmo’s Active Hydration product show the packaging design.
The Vanilla Bean flavor of Osmo’s Recovery product features a neutral color scheme.
The packaging for Osmo’s women’s Active Hydration product with Mango and Lemon Lime flavors.

If you sweat, you’re one of us

Osmo’s audience is extremely active, so we knew their website had to be hyper-engaging if it was going to keep them still for long, not just an e-commerce platform. We accomplished this with high-quality content telling athlete stories, putting emphasis on appealing to anyone who sweats.

The final design for the home page of Osmo’s website features four products and pro rider Peter Sagan.
Several pages detail how Osmo can be used for sports like cycling, triathlon, and running.
The final design for a web page featuring Osmo’s sponsored athletes.
Three web pages with profiles of Osmo's sponsored athletes.
The final design for a web page providing details for Osmo’s Active Recovery product.
A collection of Osmo’s web pages displayed on a mobile device.

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