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Empowering better money management

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Visa’s Practical Money Skills is a global program that reaches teachers, students, and consumers of all ages in over 40 countries. Their mission is to empower people everywhere to better manage their money through free financial education. As a longtime partner, SevenDesign developed Visa’s industry-leading financial literacy website and created a new global brand in the education space.

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game plays for Visa’s Financial Football
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Practical Money Skills is offered in 44 countries around the world, so it required a mark that was culturally appropriate for all regions. The spark logo is vibrant, energetic and appealing to all ages. With a logo that translated well worldwide, we were able to create comprehensive brand guidelines to ensure consistency across all countries and programs.

A slide deck explaining how to apply the Practical Money Skills brand guidelines.
A set of 6 illustrations of financial tools in bold colors that appear on the Practical Money Skills money guides.
A set of guides outline financial literacy topics, with short headlines and colorful illustrations.

Redefining a global literacy program

The challenge was complex: the Practical Money Skills website needed to be adaptable to many languages and scalable to include a wide range of financial tools. Our goal was to make it easier for users to navigate the site. We restructured content to create a website that can be customized for multiple regions and that highlights key assets in a logical, user-friendly way.

The final design for the homepage of the Practical Money Skills website.

Learn, teach, play

Teachers, students, and consumers each have their own financial literacy knowledge requirements. Our content, from games and educational materials to infographics and tax calculators, serves each of these audience groups uniquely and effectively.

Three web pages from the Practical Money Skills site have illustrations and adaptable card layouts.
A set of 12 illustrations with bold colors depicting financial literacy topics that are used on the Practical Money Skills website.

The program has made a big impact: through Visa’s partnerships with the NFL and the Olympics, sports stars such as Eli Manning and Saquon Barkley have voiced their support for the personal finance initiative, and a partnership with Marvel for an educational comic book has helped to expand the Practical Money Skills audience.

A small child plays the Peter Pig’s Money Counter game on a tablet device.
An elementary school student reads an educational comic book featuring Marvel characters discussing financial literacy skills.
A special edition of a Guardians of the Galaxy comic book teaching financial literacy is shown on a backdrop of scenes from the comic.
An NFL player meets with high school students to discuss personal finances and promote the Personal Money Skills program.
NFL quarterback Eli Manning meets with young people to talk about the Financial Football game developed by SevenDesign.
Two students play the Peter Pig’s Money Counter game at a financial literacy education expo, while a Visa representative looks on.

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