The simplest space to create cosmetics

A collage showing Ozmi’s wordmark, final desktop designs for the web app, and a social media post on mobile.

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We partnered with a German startup to build and launch the first comprehensive digital cosmetics creation platform. The product, which we named Ozmi, is a B2B marketplace with search, collaboration, and project management tools. We led the user experience and interface design and worked with our client’s engineers and product managers to launch the product in just over a year. In addition, we collaborated with the marketing team to develop a comprehensive communications strategy and associated marketing collateral to prime Ozmi for launch.

The fast-track to launching a comprehensive product


from project inception to launch


partner companies within one month of launch


cosmetics ingredients, formulations, and packaging available on Ozmi

Ozmi’s logo is a cream-colored wordmark on a dark purple solid background, with the dot in the i forming a dollop shape.

Go to market

We developed a brand personality, product pillars, and a visual identity for Ozmi. Then, we outlined a content strategy across channels including social media, events and conferences, and web presence.

A slide deck outlining Ozmi’s brand guidelines including colors, typography, usage,, and expression.
2 posters on a bus stop display Ozmi's brand and messaging as the simplest space to create cosmetics.

Explaining ozmi

Ozmi’s website distills the product into its core features, with clear navigation to make it easy for potential customers to understand the tool’s offerings.

The final design for the How Ozmi Works web page shows products and tools available on the marketplace.
12 icons depicting cosmetics products and creation tools that are used on the Ozmi website.

Search, simplified

Our goal was to quickly connect Ozmi’s users with what they were searching for. We accomplished this with a simple interface that served up the right amount of information for a wide range of queries, including cosmetics ingredients, formulations, suppliers, and packaging.

We designed user-specific dashboards to help buyers and suppliers visualize recent activity and access their projects, quotes, and products intuitively and easily.

The dashboard for a buyer user on Ozmi featuring a chart of orders paid, a list of active projects, and other metrics.

Collaboration is key

The tool enables collaboration across a variety of user types, from buyers and suppliers to project owners and contributors.

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