Visa Practical Money Skills - Website

Developed by Visa, the Practical Money Skills program aims to provide free financial education to people around the world. Their website offers a variety of resources from classroom materials, to educational Marvel comics, to mobile apps. It also highlights Visa’s partnerships with Marvel, FIFA and the NFL. Our objective was to create a fun, simple way for consumers, teachers and students to improve access to financial literacy tools.

Redefining a global literacy program

As the program is offered in over 40 countries, the website structure needed to be adaptable to every region. We began with extensive user research and found that visitors had difficulty navigating the site and some users never discovered some of the site’s most valuable offerings. Our strategy was to reorganize content and create a website that can be scaled and customized for multiple regions and content types.

Learn, teach, play

Based on core principles of user experience—discoverability, learnability, efficiency, system performance and delight—we aimed to create an engaging experience that sparked excitement for educators, students, and the general consumer. We simplified navigation and reorganized content based on the three main user objectives: Learn, Teach, Play. It’s now easy for users to find all features of the site, from calculators to curricula to classroom games.

Designing for unique features

We were presented with a complex challenge: a global website that had to meet diverse user needs. In response, we implemented a simple card system that is flexible across devices, presents content in an engaging way and can house a variety of media. It proved to be a key part of our strategic reorganization of the site. We also replaced outdated photography with custom illustrations that complement the curriculum. The new site structure highlights key assets in an adaptable, user-friendly way.