Visa Practical Money Skills - Rebrand

Visa’s Practical Money Skills is a global program that reaches teachers, students and consumers of all ages in over 40 countries. Their mission is to empower people everywhere to better manage their money through free financial education. With several years developing Visa’s industry-leading financial literacy program, SevenDesign was uniquely positioned to take on the task of creating a new global brand in the education space.

A new look

The spark logo represents how Practical Money Skills empowers people around the world. The new design is vibrant, energetic and designed to reach out to the three main user groups: teachers, students and consumers.

Global consistency

Practical Money Skills is offered in over 40 countries around the world, so it required a mark that was culturally appropriate for all regions. This aspect shaped our approach to the research, strategy and development of the new mark. With a logo that translated well worldwide, we were able to create comprehensive brand guidelines to ensure consistency across all countries and programs.