Visa ATM Animations

Visa wanted to increase awareness of its ATM product offerings for both cardholders and issuing partners. The objective was to create an end product that effectively conveys the benefits and mechanics of the Visa ATM network to these two use groups. SevenDesign was excited to take on the challenge of communicating the technical capabilities of the Visa ATM network in a creative and visually exciting way.

Educating and entertaining

To engage and connect with both audiences, we chose a graphic style of animation that’s appealing in its simplicity. The result is entertaining and informative for both cardholders and issuers, and explains the three offered features in a way that’s easy to understand and remember.

Taking things literally

In order to explain complicated and often invisible card mechanics to viewers, we used a tongue-in-cheek visual interpretation of the technology behind the Visa ATM network. Our playfully literal portrayals of interactions like unlocking a card are memorable, eye-catching, and easy for viewers to understand.