Monowise is a digital consulting company that works with partners in Germany and Silicon Valley. They asked us to create a new logo that was both visually appealing and expressive of their brand values.

Bold and modern

As a company that consults in two different countries, conducts business in two different languages and works in a rapidly evolving industry, Monowise needed a fresh and modern identity. We chose a bold and memorable color palette that established a clean brand personality.

The Monowise mark is a combination of the letters “M” and “W,” visually depicting the brand name while creating a single, cohesive form. With its international clients and innovative industry, Monowise is multidimensional by nature.

Just add water

A great product deserves great packaging. Osmo offers separate formulas for men and women that are engineered to meet the different physiological needs of each gender. Previous packaging differentiated the men’s and women’s products so much that they looked more like separate brands than specialized formulas. We redesigned the two versions to be clearly the same brand yet distinctive enough that athletes know at a glance which product to grab from the shelf.