inGamba Tours

It started as a simple question: what would a cyclist’s perfect week look like? inGamba envisioned the pro rider’s dream—a break from strict diets, schedules and training programs leaving just the bike, a beautiful location and a bounty of the best local food and wine. inGamba approached SevenDesign to recreate their website and bring their epic rides to life.

Take me for a ride

We started this project with the goal of putting users in the rider’s seat with sweeping photography, vivid descriptions and an up-close view of what the inGamba experience entails. Throughout the site, we aimed to fully immerse new visitors and returning customers in the inGamba brand promise: a life changing experience based on their Mangia, Beve, Bici philosophy—eat, drink, ride.

“The crew at SevenDesign was able to take our broad concepts and narrow them down to a clear, concise vision, all the while distilling and making the presentation better. They kept us on track, on budget and on time and delivered a clean, yet sophisticated design. It truly was a creative collaboration. ”

Jim Merithew

Creative Director, inGamba

E-commerce tune-up

After identifying several pain points, SevenDesign worked with inGamba and their third party e-commerce solution to improve the checkout flow and conversion rates on their site. The previous experience required customers to fill out forms that were unnecessary at the time of booking. By reordering the checkout flow, we helped riders begin their inGamba experience with minimal hassle.