IMC Construction

For over 40 years, IMC Construction has served a diverse client base as a national, full service construction firm offering high quality construction management and general contracting services. IMC asked SevenDesign to refresh its brand identity and redesign the website to showcase the company’s greatest differentiators.

A brand evolution

As IMC construction expanded in size with more complex projects and higher revenue clients, their previous brand no longer reflected their corporate values. Our goal was to create a timeless corporate identity and website that preserves brand equity and reflects its new values of experience, technology and community.

As we set out to evolve the IMC identity we made sure to convey stability, strength and reliability. The result was a bold new wordmark that’s practical and addresses previous issues of scalability and legibility.

Experience, innovation & community

In redesigning IMC’s website, we started by focusing on how to create a compelling sales narrative by placing IMC’s most valuable content & brand differentiators front and center. The site is scalable, allows for different content types and lengths and can be managed independently by the client.

“SevenDesign's best attribute is that they are good listeners and focused on what we wanted to accomplish. The design clearly had the user's experience in mind and the modifications to our logo were subtle yet impactful.”

Robert Cottone

President & CEO