As a global retail expert in data processing and connected devices, our client, Crosscan, was looking at repackaging its products and services in an offshoot company to target a new vertical: the industrial sector. SevenDesign was asked to create a name, brand and website to prime this new company for market entry.

A brand for the future

Our client wanted to ensure that their 15 years of reliability and expertise were translated into the new brand. Simplicity was a primary factor in representing their platform, which would streamline complicated industrial processes and improve efficiency. We named the company Ekko, a simple, memorable word, based on the concepts of invisible connection and communication between devices.

With the goal of presenting themselves as an established company, we elected to design a logotype as opposed to a logomark. We also felt that the form of the word ‘ekko’ provided an opportunity for a strong logotype. Pulling from the key benefits of the platform, we created the identity to represent three brand characteristics—flexibility, connection and progress. The final Ekko brand system included logotype, color palette, iconography, typography and photography style.