Cooper Perkins

When product engineers encounter a challenge they can’t solve, they often turn to Cooper Perkins. The agency specializes in deep problem analysis and elegantly designed solutions, and they expected no less from us when they decided to elevate their brand.

Strategy • Branding • Web Design

“We needed to see a line-of-sight connection between what we felt about our company and how it was expressed in a new branding and communication system. SevenDesign's ability to listen, to process, and to smartly and creatively execute was frankly breathtaking.”

Gerhard Pawelka

Engineer & CEO, Cooper Perkins

Find a way

When Cooper Perkins is developing solutions, form supports function. Their brand needed to reflect that commitment to essentialism.

Our process began with extensive discovery and a definition of their brand identity to serve as a strong conceptual foundation for the designs to follow.

We worked closely with their team to understand core attributes of the agency. Examining their widely varied projects, it became clear that their audience is defined less by a specific demographic or industry profile and more by a motivation to find elusive answers. Whenever a technical challenge places project success in doubt, Cooper Perkins acts as a trusted pathfinder; if it can be done, they will find a way. With that as the central inspiration, we developed comprehensive identity and positioning for the brand, defining personality traits, archetypes, values, and narratives which brought the brand to life and informed choices throughout the design process.

The Path

These aspects of pathfinding and certainty became our focus in the design of their brand mark, which incorporates a strong line representing a path and Cooper Perkins’ steadfast, rigorous approach to problem solving.

“When SevenDesign revealed our brand platform, I had chills because it illuminated Cooper Perkins in a way that was captivating and most of all authentic to who we are at our core. This foundational work is infused in the assets they created for us which consistently hit the high bar we set for them and then some.”

Ann Torres

Engineer & VP, Cooper Perkins

Signal, not noise

Smart, refined, quietly confident, radically simple. These characteristics inspired a visual system that reflected the values and promise of Cooper Perkins, striking in its understatement. We crafted a system that is intended not to overwhelm or seek attention, but to communicate their confidence and maturity as engineers. Ample white-space, restrained color palette, and subtle photography establish a clear visual representation of Cooper Perkins and quietly promote the substance of their ideas.

The resulting guidelines establish a system which offers timelessness and versatility.

The choice of a monospaced typeface, also called a fixed-width or non-proportional font, references the distinguished history of engineers and invention. Monospace type was itself a solution to the mechanical challenges of early typewriters, eliminating spacing problems between differently sized characters. It is often associated with machine-driven utility and an era of the twentieth century that witnessed unprecedented innovation as science demonstrated its potential to illuminate the unknown from atomic theory to space travel. Simplon Mono offers a modern form in the monospace tradition, it introduces a measure of uniqueness and character within the category. Paired with Simplon Norm, the combination is at once functional, familiar, time-honored, and forward-looking, a perfect match for Cooper Perkins.

A photographic vernacular was established to further reinforce the idea of quiet confidence. Photography of their team was treated with desaturation, with a hint of Cooper Perkins primary red to create a visual tie to the brand. In contrast, product photography is in full color, underlining Cooper Perkins’ dedication to honoring engineering first and foremost.

We continued our partnership to craft a new website—one that invites its visitors to discover who Cooper Perkins is through their core principles, interdisciplinary team of experts, and resulting stories of innovation.